Side Effects Of Giving Honey To Babies?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Giving Honey To Babies?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Giving Honey To Babies?

Ank, I have been in BSG waiting for kmren, and what symptoms do I have just coughing and the voice isn’t noisy but after I mixed the water, I asked for it, the sound was hoarse when I cried when I cried, the voice was small … The breathing was too noisy … honey is clearly umr so it can’t be done honey I think maybe because the position is really good, I don’t know how to remember parents need to get to the lips of the baby, I don’t think it’s going to be like that … what is the reason for me, how come I can’t return the prayer?

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Hello Ria, thanks for asking.

I need to confirm first, what do you mean by BSG? Maybe what you mean is BCG immunization, not BSG. BCG immunization is done early in life, in newborns. BCG is needed to prevent or reduce the risk of contracting TB. This is important, because Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest TB cases. In BCG immunization, bacteria that cause tuberculosis are injected, in a weakened condition. These bacteria do not cause tuberculosis in children after immunization. Bacteria will trigger the immune system to prevent the development of tuberculosis in a child's body.

Immunizations generally rarely cause side effects. Whenever there are side effects, it is generally in the form of fever, febrile seizures, redness and pain at the injection site, or allergic reaction. Phlegm cough experienced by your baby, may be caused by a viral or bacterial infection of the respiratory tract.

The worse the symptoms of your baby, not necessarily related to the provision of honey. Could be, worsening of symptoms due to the course of the disease that is quite rapid. If the baby sounds hoarse, cries weakly, and has difficulty drinking, your baby may have:

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing due to airway obstruction by mucus.
Swollen respiratory tract.

Immediately take your baby to the doctor to get proper treatment. If the baby suddenly experiences bluish lips or face, immediately run to the nearest emergency room. Avoid giving drink or food, when the baby is coughing and suffocating. This can cause the baby to choke and worsen the symptoms. Compress the baby with plain water, if the fever is more than 38C. Do not give any medicine without getting a physical examination from a doctor.

Thus the information that I can share. May be useful. Regards.

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