Side Effects Of Measles Vaccine?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Measles Vaccine?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Measles Vaccine?

want to ask my child after measles vaccine and mr why is the palm of his hand all his feet cold huh ??

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Good evening, thanks for the question.

Measles and MR vaccines are vaccines given to children aged 9 months and 18 months. Measles and MR vaccines aim to protect children from measles, mumps and rubella virus infections. Measles is characterized by symptoms of fever accompanied by cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. Measles will also appear red rash on the back of the ear, face, and the whole body.

After the measles vaccine and MR, it is important to pay attention to the side effects that can occur. Some of the side effects that appear are:

- Appears red and painful on the injection site

mild fever

-muscle ache

rashes around the body

The things that cause immunization are not permitted is when a patient complains of a fever, a cold cough, and signs of infection are found.

As for cold feet after immunization, so far there have been no studies that discuss the side effects of measles immunization with cold feet. The possibility of feet becoming cold can be caused by several things:

1. the condition of children who are worried, afraid and not ready to be injected with immunization, sometimes it will carry over until after the immunization and usually the symptoms are cold in the legs and hands.

2. the possibility of the child lacking sugar or not getting food intake so that the child experiences weakness and his feet become cold, this can be corrected by giving children sweet food or drinks

3. possible effects from the immunization room to at home, the temperature is too cold so that the feet in children become cold too.

But to find out more about the relationship and get a more complete examination, you should do an examination with a pediatrician

Some things you can do to prevent a child's feet from getting cold after immunization:

- calm the child to want to immunize, provide positive input about measles immunization, protect the child when the child is worried or afraid of immunization

- Provide sweet food or drinks after immunization

- keep children from getting cold with clothes or jackets or those that warm

Thereby. may be useful :)

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