Side Effects Of Opiate Watching Pornographic Films?

I am a pornography addict since my age in development, is it because my brain structure is different and whether I have become a permanent fool, I apologize in advance for asking for an explanation instead of a suggestion, thank you doctor.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Basically, no one is born an addict, whatever the object of opium. So when someone becomes an addict, most likely it happens because of environmental influences, from what he sees, he learns and he hears, not because of the influence of different brain structures, hormonal imbalances or so forth. It is impossible for a person to be addicted to pornography if he has never gained access to pornographic matters, be it photos or videos.

Even so, if you have become an addict, indeed some research shows that the structure of the brain can change. But again, the change in the structure of the brain is after someone becomes an addict, not before. So that all people who become addicted, must be preceded by a decision he made consciously. This change in the structure of the brain makes it difficult for the addict to concentrate, and it is difficult to escape the things that become addictive to him. This then makes a person lazy to learn, it is not easy to absorb knowledge, and his performance decreases. Not because of directly being stupid, but because his ability to learn was transferred to satisfy his opium objects.

Thus, in fact this can be changed. If your opiate disappears, you will be able to return to function as usual, you can refocus your learning and your achievements can also increase compared to before. For that, check yourself with a psychiatrist, to determine the appropriate treatment for you, whether in the form of psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy or the like.

In the meantime, commit to yourself to change, and fight as hard as you can. Put yourself in a condition where you cannot satisfy your desires, such as being in a crowd, then multiply physical activity by exercising so that all your energy is channeled. So, hopefully answering your question.

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