Side Effects Of Prosthetic Surgery?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Prosthetic Surgery?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Prosthetic Surgery?

I want to ask what are the side effects of prosthetic surgery?

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Prostheses are fake body parts that are made to improve bodily functions in several conditions, for example post amputation, congenital defects, and so on. This prosthetic installation surgery is called prosthetic surgery. Of course, this operation can be done in various ways, depending on the type of prosthesis in question, where the location of installation, what is the purpose of installation, and what is the general health condition of the patient. Therefore, before answering your question, it seems you need to clarify what kind of prosthetic surgery is intended?

As with other types of surgery, prosthetic surgery has some risk of side effects, for example infection or bleeding at the former site of surgery. In addition, after the installation of prostheses, there is also a possibility that the origin of the body and prosthesis may not be able to blend well, so that the function is not optimal as expected. This condition is usually more apparent in prostheses attached to the limbs, for example the type of body-powered prosthetic arm / leg and functional myoelectric prosthetic arm / leg. In addition, various risks of other side effects from this operation can be obtained from side effects of anesthesia (often in the form of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, prolonged headaches, mental confusion), drug allergies or injections given, and so on.

Almost all medical procedures, including prosthetic surgery, do not escape the risk of side effects. Therefore, before recommending certain medical procedures, it is necessary to weigh well which is greater for the patient, whether the benefits or risks of side effects. A good doctor will only recommend a medical procedure, if the perceived benefits far exceed the risk of side effects that may result. Therefore, consult with your doctor or surgeon who treats you a lot ..

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