Side Effects Of Smoking?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Smoking?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Smoking?

Hello I want to ask whether smoking can cause chubby cheeks?

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the relationship of smoking with chubby cheeks so far no data or research that I have found. Smoking actually found that it will make the cheeks or skin more wrinkled, experiencing premature aging due to exposure to substances that are oxidant.

Many side effects of cigarettes such as:

1. Making teeth yellowish: because cigarettes contain nicotine, they cause teeth to become yellowish

2. Damaging the lungs: cigarettes can damage the lungs because it damages the tissue in the lungs, causing tightness, coughing, chest pain and so on

3. Causes the body vulnerable to cancer: cigarettes are substances that are full of toxins and cause the easy formation of cancer cells

To find out more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of complaints you experience, you should immediately consult a specialist skin and lung.

Suggestions that can be done:

1. Quit smoking by reducing slowly, for example, initially smoking every day, attempted smoking to 2x a week, 1 month later 1x a week, and one month later to stop completely

2. Replacing cigarettes with candy consumption or other activities that are preferred

3. Get plenty of exercise and consume vegetables and fruit

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