Side Effects Of Taking Metocloperamide Drugs?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Taking Metocloperamide Drugs?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Taking Metocloperamide Drugs?

Tonight, I want to ask. My wife’s tongue and jaw move by themselves (uncontrolled) after taking the drug Metoclopramide 10mg for 1 day (1×24 hours) with a doctor’s prescription 3 times a drink (morning, noon, evening) in a day given by the family doctor to reduce nausea because my wife is being ± 2 weeks pregnant. Please provide a solution. R nThank you.

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Metocloperamide is a dopamine antagonist class of drug that works to suppress the vomiting center in the brain stem causing anti-nausea and anti-vomiting effects. Metocloperamide is used for indications:

- Nausea and vomiting

- Bloating due to complications of gastric dysfunction due to diabetes

- Gastroesophageal reflux

- Drug premedication upper gastrointestinal imaging examination

One of the side effects of using metocloperamide is one of the causes of symptoms known as ectrapiramidal effects, which consist of:

- Acute dystonia, usually appears after 24-48 hours of taking drugs in the form of stiffness and uncontrolled movements of facial muscles, tongue, neck, or back and abnormal posture.

- Akatisia is a feeling of being restless, nervous or a desire to keep moving

- Parkinsonism is the result of the use of long-term metocloperamids, consisting of slowed movements, tremors, body rigidity and posture imbalance.

- Tardiv dyskinesias in the form of involuntary movements on the face, tongue and extremities

The possible acute side effect reaction is a form of acute dystonia. Stop the consumption of these drugs and consult a doctor immediately to get adequate treatment. Treatment involves administering anticholinergic or antihistamine injection drugs to reduce symptoms in a quick time of 2-5 minutes.

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