Side Effects Of Use Of Flax Seed?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Use Of Flax Seed?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Use Of Flax Seed?

I want to make lumia skin from linseed. Is it safe? because I see on the internet that flaxseed has many side effects. and what are the most highlighted benefits of this seed? and the side effects will be felt when what? thank you

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Hello, Shin Neul Rin Fenty, thank you for asking

Flaxseeds, or often called linseed or flaxseed, are seeds that are often used in the processing of flour, cereals, and to be added to the daily diet. Flaxseed is rich in fiber and a series of nutrients that are important for health, for example: omega-3 fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates, zinc, folate, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B, iron, copper, etc. Antioxidants are also found in flaxseed, which is thought to function to inhibit cancer growth. Because it is rich in nutrients, some of the health benefits that can be obtained are: stabilizing blood sugar, preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and preventing the growth of cancer cells, overcoming some digestive disorders.

Eat flaxseed that has been crushed / ground to ensure that flaxseed nutrition can be digested by the body. In addition, consume ripe flaxseed to avoid toxins when raw and do not over consume them, a maximum of 50 grams or 5 tablespoons per day. Store flaxseed in the freezer to prevent oxidation which can eliminate the nutrients in it.

Some of the side effects that can occur (though not always) are bloating, diarrhea, nausea / vomiting, or allergies. If after consuming flaxseed you experience symptoms of these side effects, itching, tightness, difficulty swallowing, weakness, then immediately go to the doctor to be given the appropriate help. Avoid consuming flaxseed in pregnant and lactating women. If you take drugs or have certain medical conditions, consult your doctor before taking flaxseed.

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