Side Effects Of Using 2 Antibiotics Simultaneously?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Using 2 Antibiotics Simultaneously?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Using 2 Antibiotics Simultaneously?

In the morning, I want to ask the doctor to immediately respond to my question, the question is can I use oral antibiotics with injection antibiotics together ??

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Basically there is no problem taking drugs by mouth and by injection together. Noteworthy is the indication of the use of the two antibiotics, and the type of antibiotic specifically to see the interactions in the body.

First for indications, this is important to ensure there is no overuse and unwise use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are one type of drug which should not be used carelessly, must be based on a prescription and must be monitored by a doctor. Not all diseases can use antibiotics, and not all antibiotics can be used in dealing with diseases. There are antibiotics that should only be used if other antibiotics are unable to work after a certain period of time.

Among the reasons is that the use of antibiotics that is not wise can create bacterial immunity against antibiotics, and if so, bacteria can be more difficult to eradicate, and symptoms can be more severe. So in your case, before thinking about whether antibiotics by mouth and injections may be given together, first you need to make sure that there really are two types of antibiotics, and not enough.

Second, the type of antibiotic itself actually determines whether the two antibiotics may be used together or not, not the way it enters the body. There are antibiotics called amoxicillin, cefixim, cefotaxime, azithromycin, levofloxacin, carbapenem, and many more, each of which has side effects and their interactions when used together with other drugs. So that if mixed, there could be no effect, the effects could be mutually negating, mutually reinforcing, or even toxic to the body. That is important to know the specific types of antibiotics to understand the potential interactions for the body.

So the conclusion to your question, what is important for you to do if you are in doubt is you ask the doctor who gave the drug, what are the indications, and whether it is safe to use together. If the medicine comes from two different doctors, then ask both of them. With you ask, even if the doctor was negligent, he will be aware and stop or change treatment. But if it is continued, it means that the therapy is safe, even if used together. So, hopefully answering your question.

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