Side Effects Of Using Wheat Flour?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Using Wheat Flour?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Using Wheat Flour?

Good evening, sorry to disturb. I want to ask. Can wheat flour cause premature aging? If so, may you provide reasons and explanations ,? Thank you, doctor 😊☺ …

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Premature aging is the term given when a person appears older than the age they should be. This older appearance is usually characterized by the appearance of wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, dull, rough skin, and so on.

Among the habits or lifestyles that have been proven to cause premature aging are:

Frequent exposure to sunlight without protection. This is because the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can damage skin tissue. So if you have to be exposed to the sun, you should use sunscreen with an SPF level of at least 15.
Smoke. Smoking both actively and passively causes a person to be exposed to toxic substances, to free radicals, and to make the complexion dull.
Drink alcohol. Alcohol also creates free radicals, as well as lowers the levels of vitamins A, B3, and C in the body which function to regenerate new cells.
Poor diet. Among them are the consumption of foods high in trans fats, refined carbohydrates such as bread or pasta, and sugary foods.
Lack of sleep. Lack of sleep, especially sleep at night, can affect a person's appearance and mood, making him less refreshed.

Regarding your question, so far there are no studies that specifically mention the effect of wheat flour on premature aging as long as it is consumed properly. However, if it is consumed in excess, regardless of whether or not it can affect premature aging, it will definitely have a bad impact on the body.

So the advice for you, do a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep, consume more water, fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty foods or junk food, exercise regularly, avoid smoking and stress, and consult your skin problems with a skin specialist or at a beauty clinic. . Click on the following link to our article on The Secret of Aging. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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