Side Effects Of Varicocele Surgery?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Varicocele Surgery?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Varicocele Surgery?

What impacts can there be from any varicocele surgery? And is it likely to be large or small?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking on Varicocele is a swelling of the blood vessels in the sac of the testicles. This condition is characterized by discomfort in the scrotum, increased pain when standing or doing activities for a long time, lumps, swelling, or the scrotum appear to contain worms for those who are already severe.

If it has been diagnosed with a varicocele, one of the treatments is surgery. Regarding the impact or risk that can arise, all medical actions must have risks. In general, surgery is bleeding, pain, swelling and infection. In particular, recurrence of varicoceles, fluid retention, and damage to blood vessels.

This risk is clearly less likely than the possibility of recovery because if it is greater or at least equal, from the beginning this treatment method will not be used. However, if the operation is not carried out at all, the risk of letting it also exists, namely in the form of testicular contraction to infertility. This is very important especially if you are not married and have no children.

So returning again should depend on the decision of the doctor who examined you. If it says you should get surgery, you should get surgery. If you are in doubt, you may be sure by asking another urology surgeon, but if in the end the recommendations are the same, this is indeed the case. So, hopefully answering your question.

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