Side Effects Of Weight Loss Drugs That Are Sold Online?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Weight Loss Drugs That Are Sold Online?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Weight Loss Drugs That Are Sold Online?

✔️ Those who want to lose 3-6 kg in just a few days can only take LEENSE capsules from Thailand, right?

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Hello Irfan

The product you mentioned is not registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) so that the safety of the product is not certain. The product claims to contain a variety of ingredients that are of plant origin (green tea, cactus, etc.) and vitamins. The benefits and side effects of consuming these products are not known with certainty, because how the mechanism of the drug when it enters the body is not yet known, considering that there are not many studies that discuss the effects of these products objectively and accurately and the results of these studies can be justified. Most of the information in circulation is limited to assumptions or opinions (opinions).

Irfan should avoid consuming drugs that are not registered with the BPOM, considering that in 2010 alone, the BPOM had withdrawn several body management products because these products could increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

To get the ideal body weight, it is expected to do it in a healthier way, namely by regularly exercising, as for the good types of exercise to burn fat are running, cycling, gymnastics, and swimming which are done for more than 30 minutes, but still aware of one's own capacity because forcing yourself to exercise for a long duration or strenuous exercise which you are not used to before can actually cause health problems.

In addition to exercise, limiting calorie intake also needs to be done, because in principle if the energy that comes in is more than what is expended, then that energy will be stored in the body in the form of fat. So avoid as much as possible high-calorie foods such as greasy foods (fried, sauteed, etc.), sweet foods and drinks (cakes, donuts, soda drinks, etc.). Irfan should change the type of food consumed according to the guidelines for balanced nutrition.

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