Side Effects Of Whitening Cosmetics?

Illustration of Side Effects Of Whitening Cosmetics?
Illustration: Side Effects Of Whitening Cosmetics?

Hello my name is patchouli I am 17 I want to ask, I have symptoms of spots in the area under my eyes and I bought white cream from the pharmacy I just used 2 times but it feels like itching inside is that a sign that I don’t match huh?

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Hello, hello Ms. Nilam Cahya, thank you for consulting us on We will try to explain the signs of incompatibility in the use of face whitening cream.

White Neng is a cream that contains Alpha-Arbutin, vitamin C, Mulbery extract, Licorice extract and Niacinamide (vitamin B6) which functions to reduce dullness and disguise black spots on the face, besides that Aloe vera content can moisturize the skin.

Nearly 80 percent of cases of unsuitable cosmetic use are due to contact allergic reactions (contact with the cosmetics used). The reaction will appear for 12 hours to 48 hours after contact with allergen cosmetics. Usually the symptoms that appear are:

itchy skin redness swollen skin on the area smeared with cosmetics appear pimples that suddenly appear a lot, painful and not usually appear dark skin scars (hierpigmentation) Based on the statement you have said you are most likely to experience contact dermatitis from the use of the cream you are using. For that you should immediately stop using the cream. Chances are you are not suitable / allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the cream. And if it has been stopped but the itchy reaction is still persistent then you should consult a doctor to get treatment according to the cause.

While doing a few simple things to reduce allergic reactions that might get worse, namely:

Avoid using other face creams without doctor's advice. Always avoid face creams or cosmetics that you know contain / contain substances that make you allergic or irritated. Consume lots of foods that contain lots of fiber and vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. avoid air pollution such as cigarette smoke and motor vehicle smoke consumption of liquids such as water at least 2L per day. Thus we can convey to you, hopefully the information from us is useful for you. thanks.

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