Side Effects Often Change Acne Medications?

Illustration of Side Effects Often Change Acne Medications?
Illustration: Side Effects Often Change Acne Medications?

whether changing medicine for acne can have an effect on the skin, and how to overcome it

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Acne can indeed be a very annoying complaint that makes sufferers willing to take various ways to eliminate it. In fact, you need to know, that most acne can heal by itself provided you take good care of your skin health.

Depending on the type and content of the acne drug you are referring to, alternating acne medication changes may or may not be dangerous. If you change this acne medicine on direct advice from a doctor, of course this condition has been well considered to make your skin healthier, not vice versa. However, if you are changing acne medication independently (without doctor's advice), this has the potential to worsen your acne and make your skin problems worse. Therefore, you should not take these actions yes ..

If you feel that your acne is severe enough, before deciding to use a particular drug, you should first check with your doctor or dermatologist. That way, your doctor can evaluate your skin type, acne severity, including the best treatment to do. In this way, acne will generally improve slowly in 1 to 2 months, returning again, depending on the severity.

In addition, at home, you can also do the following steps to improve acne:

Minimize the use of skin care products that contain irritative ingredients (including cosmetics)
Only use skin care products that are specially formulated for acne prone skin, adjusting to your skin type
Shower and wash your face regularly 2 times a day
Don't rub the skin too hard
Use sunscreen and moisturizer before your activity
Protect skin from exposure to pollution, sunlight, and other irritants
Do not squeeze or poke pimples by force, let alone using dirty fingers and nails
Avoid too many thoughts, do more relaxation so as not to stress
Eat more fruits and vegetables that are good for nourishing the skin
Drink enough water too
Sleep more regularly

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