Side Effects Stop Injecting Bleach?

Illustration of Side Effects Stop Injecting Bleach?
Illustration: Side Effects Stop Injecting Bleach?

I want to ask if we use a bleach or a white injection if we stop if the skin returns to normal and are the side effects dangerous?

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Hello Nuruel,

Bleach or white injections generally contain high doses of vitamin C, glutathione, and collagen. Giving white powder can not be ascertained its safety. So far, high doses of vitamin C can cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headaches, stomach aches, flatulence, and increase the likelihood of kidney stone formation. While the side effects of gluthatione and collagen in the long term still need further investigation. In some people, sometimes allergic reactions can also occur after a white injection.

The effects of white injections are also generally not permanent and repeat actions are needed to maintain the desired results. It also depends on the skin condition of each patient and the active substance in his white injection.

If you want to get a white injection, make sure you consult your dermatologist first. Your doctor will do a preliminary examination of you first to determine whether you are safe enough to undergo white injection treatment or not. If necessary the doctor will also monitor the side effects that may arise both short and long-term numbers. The doctor will also prepare for further treatment if an allergic reaction arises after the white injection. Never do a white injection with someone other than a doctor, including buying online or from salon workers because it can endanger the body.

Meanwhile, to brighten the skin, you can use sunscreen every morning, use lightening lotions that contain safe ingredients, do scrubs and use home peels that are made from safe. These methods do take a lot longer for results to be seen, and cannot whiten the skin but only brighten so as not to dull it. But such methods tend to be safer and have fewer side effects. And more important is healthy skin does not have to be white huh.

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