Sign Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Sign Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Sign Of Pregnancy?

Night, nI am beautiful, I want to ask about what I was experiencing nI never had a late menstruation after taking a birth nBut the next month I had another period nThen after finishing my period a few days I had sex nThen I had 1 week of nausea, vomiting, and often sick stomach or there is also a twitch in the stomach nPain in the breast area. nI used to be like this but several x tests came out negative nThen I feel like this again, is this a sign of pregnancy?

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Hi Indah .. Thank you for the question given.

If the KB you have ever used is hormonal birth control such as birth control pills, injection contraception for 1 month or 3 months, then after leaving the birth control menstrual cycle may not be immediately regular, it takes time for normal menstruation to return, therefore you have had menstrual delays after taking birth control and thereafter. menstruation returns the following month.

While the signs of pregnancy you need to know are:

Late menstruation
BAK is becoming more and more frequent
Mood changes
Breasts feel firmer and denser
Nauseous vomit
Tiring easily

Apart from the signs of pregnancy above, to make sure you better do a testpack. The testpack will detect the presence of the hCG hormone, this HCG hormone produced by the placenta. It is better if the pregnancy test is done if the menstruation is about 1 week late, because if the pregnancy test is carried out too early it will still be difficult for the device to detect the presence of the HCG hormone because the levels are not too high in the blood or urine. To be more sure, you can do a pregnancy test using a blood test done by a doctor. Therefore, you should still consult with an obstetrician.

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dr. Iriyanti

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