Signs And Symptoms Of A Heart Attack?

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at noon. I’m Andika, I’m 17 years old, I often feel chest pain like pressure, pain appears in the left, middle, and right chest. And I feel nauseous, sweaty, dizzy. My symptoms are almost the same as those of a heart attack. Do I have heart disease? Can you get heart disease at a young age?rnrnThanks.

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Hi Andhika, thank you for your question

Just like other organs, the heart also needs a supply of oxygen and nutrients that will be met when the blood supply to the heart is in good condition. If there is a blockage in the coronary arteries that supply the heart, the blood supply will be blocked. This condition is known as a heart attack or in medical language called a myocardial infarction.

The symptoms of a heart attack:

left chest pain such as being crushed by a heavy object pain can radiate to the left arm, shoulder, or jaw chest pain triggered by physical activity or stress chest pain relieved by rest or taking nitrate drugs Cardiac attacks mainly attack individuals aged 40 years or older. However, due to an unhealthy lifestyle, heart attacks can appear earlier, ie at the end of the second to third decades.

You need to know, not all chest pain is caused by a heart attack. Diseases of stomach acid, gallstones, muscle and bone injuries that make up the chest cavity, can also trigger chest pain complaints. An immediate examination by a doctor is needed to determine the cause of the chest pain you are experiencing. The doctor will recommend checking heart records and/or cardiac enzyme tests to determine whether the cause of chest pain is related to a heart attack or not.

Follow the advice given by the doctor who examined you. While at home, you should apply a healthy lifestyle, for example avoiding the consumption of fatty/oily foods as well as foods that contain high complex carbohydrates, avoiding stress, getting enough rest, exercising regularly but not excessively.

Please also read the article on chest pain

I hope this information is useful

Dr. Lili

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