Signs And Symptoms Of An Eardrum That Has Tears?

Illustration of Signs And Symptoms Of An Eardrum That Has Tears?
Illustration: Signs And Symptoms Of An Eardrum That Has Tears?

I am wild, my ears feel like watery hearing is also sometimes disturbed even though there is no pain or slight pain but sometimes my hearing returns to normal, my ears also feel dry and no pain too, but when my ears recur I think that this is just a problem serum then I buy the nearest diapotic otopain, of course I have expired, well when I drop my ear I think. A water from the otopain is sliding so far into the ear that the inside feels cold while the other ear doesn’t feel like that, is this a symptom the eardrum is broken or torn .. even though there is no pain at all ..

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Hearing loss in the ear can certainly be caused by a variety of possibilities, very large structures in the ear organ. So that kelianian in every part can cause hearing loss. In addition to hearing loss other symptoms such as ringing in the ears, ear pain or discharge. Complaints in the ear because of its subjective nature such as ringing, sensation like the sound of water, and so on so that it needs to be carried out objective checks such as hearing tests and other physical examinations.

The following symptoms occur, if you experience hearing loss:

Ask others to repeat words Difficulty in determining the direction of sound source Difficulty in hearing the ringing sound of a telephone or doorbell Difficulty listening to other people's words clearly, especially when discussing with many people or in a crowd Difficulty listening to letters such as "S", "F", and " T ". Listening to music or watching television at a louder volume The following factors can cause hearing loss, namely:

The age factor, in old age, the nerve function of the ear will decrease due to hearing loud or noisy sounds in a long time, or in a short or sudden time for example after hearing a pretty big explosion sound Infection in the ear, both the outer ear. middle, or in earwax Drugs, for example some antibiotics have side effects of hearing loss Certain medical conditions for example: hypertension, diabetes The following article is about further hearing loss: Hearing Loss

Ear drops that you use are ear drops that contain antibiotics, anti-inflammation and anesthesia. The drug is usually used for treatment of ear infections accompanied by inflammation and pain in the ear. In addition to killing germs, the cause is also to relieve the symptoms of pain in the ear. However, the use of ear drops without a prescription or doctor's recommendation is not recommended. Because every ear drops have different ingredients and indications. Therefore, before determining the ear drops, you must first check the condition of the ear. So that the handling and treatment will be more appropriate. Moreover, not all ear problems require ear drops.

To ensure that the eardrum is intact or not, that is with an examination aid called an autotcope. The doctor will do an assessment of your eardrum, using an otoscope device where the device is inserted into the ear canal with the help of light and a magnifying glass from the device, the eardrum can be assessed. Or another way that is with a binocular device at the end there is a camera and visualized directly to the screen, so that in addition to the doctor the patient can also see the condition of his eardrums. And to carry out these checks you can consult the nearest ENT specialist doctor.

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