Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

Illustration of Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?
Illustration: Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

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There are many types of cancer (malignant tumors) found in the body. Maybe what you mean is breast cancer.

Breast cancer is generally characterized by the emergence of a mass in the breast that has a hard consistency, is firmly attached to the surrounding tissue (difficult to move), does not diminish even though the menstrual cycle has ended, in fact it actually enlarges. This mass in the breast often causes changes in the structure of the breast, such as making the skin hollow, wounded, or rough like an orange peel. When inflamed or due to hormonal fluctuations, the mass in the breast can be painful. Not infrequently, sufferers of breast cancer will also find an abnormal discharge from the nipple, which is in the form of blood, pus, or other odorous odor. In addition to complaints on her breasts, breast cancer sufferers can also experience other systemic complaints, such as weight loss that is quite drastic, weak, easily tired, swollen lymph nodes (often around the neck, upper chest, or armpits), mild fever, and and prolonged excessive sweating.

Referring to the information you convey, your complaints could occur due to breast cancer. However, it can also change in your breasts and other symptoms that you feel actually arise due to other causes, for example:

Other possibilities that cause dizziness, headaches and other body parts, weakness, and fatigue: viral or bacterial infections, anemia, hypoglycemia, rheumatoid arthritis, psychosomatic disorders Other possibilities that cause breast pain and enlargement: hormonal fluctuations during menstruation, breast abscesses , infection or inflammation of the skin around the breast, breast cysts, fibroadenoma, mastitis, side effects of drugs, etc. As you said, without doing a direct examination, it is certainly difficult for us to conclude exactly what triggers your complaints. Therefore, it is more appropriate for you to check your complaint directly to the doctor.

The following initial steps you can take to help alleviate complaints:

Compress painful breasts with warm water Do not squeeze or massage excessive breasts Maintain personal hygiene, especially your breast area, with better Use a bra and comfortable clothes, not too tight Drink first paracetamol medication if you feel pain in the body that is quite annoying Excessive mental stress Live a healthy lifestyle Hopefully this helps ...

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