Signs And Symptoms Of Corona

Illustration of Signs And Symptoms Of Corona
Illustration: Signs And Symptoms Of Corona

Dock? Is it if muscle aches throughout the body, fever, sneezing “, coughing, a sign of Covid? Sorry to disturb doc🙏

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Hello fitri

Thank you for asking

I understand everyone's concern about this corona virus outbreak, we may be cautious but don't panic, due to our stress on this outbreak, it can make us sick, which causes us to experience psychosomatic disorders which due to our stress causes pain symptoms such as corona virus. our mind.

actually the complaint you mentioned could have only been caused by the symptoms of the common cold caused by a rhinovirus could also be caused by a bacterial infection as well, these flu symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the corona virus to distinguish it must have a swab throat check to ascertain whether this was caused by the corona virus, but for this examination it should be recommended to have more severe symptoms first such as shortness of breath or at risk of infection such as desikitarnya there are infected with the corona virus or have gone to an outbreak of the virus. if symptoms are experienced it is best to isolate yourself at home first by doing social distancing, so can break the chain of transmission of this covid 19 virus. There are several things you can do to alleviate these symptoms such as:

 stay at home wear a good rest mask for a day off to work drink plenty of water a minimum of 2 liters a day consume nutritious and healthy food lots of vegetables and fruits bask in the sun at 10 am for 15 minutes you can be halfway taking paracetamol to reduce fever compress with warm water on the forehead taking cough medicine and colds sold freely according to the dosage of taking supplements or vitamins that contain vitami c and zinc so the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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