Signs And Symptoms Of Gallstones?

Illustration of Signs And Symptoms Of Gallstones?
Illustration: Signs And Symptoms Of Gallstones?

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Cholithiasis or gallstones are deposits of bile which harden and form in the gallbladder. The formation of gallstones generally involves the following 3 mechanisms, namely:

1. Supersaturation of cholesterol: when cholesterol levels are excessive and cannot be processed normally by bile, it will settle to form crystals in the gallbladder. Over time the crystals will harden and form gallstones.

2. Excessive production of bilirubin: this condition occurs for example in the case of a massive increase in the breakdown of red blood cells due to blood disorders, excessive bilirubin will be produced and the potential to form gallstones.

3. Impaired gallbladder contractions: this condition causes emptying of the gallbladder to be ineffective so that it will concentrate and form stones.

Patients with gallstones will complain of a symptom called biliary colic, which is a sudden, constant, and sharp episode of pain in the right upper abdomen. Complaints can also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

If you experience these complaints, it can be suspected as a symptom of gallstones until proven from investigations. The diagnosis is made through general physical and abdominal examination, and imaging tests to assess the gallbladder organ and bile duct through radiological modalities such as ultrasound or CT scan.

You can consult with a surgeon to evaluate your symptoms and physical examination first. If the doctor suspects a gallstone, the doctor will request an imaging examination to the radiology department. After the results of the imaging examination are obtained, the doctor will plan further actions.

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