Signs And Symptoms Of Scabies / Scabies?

Illustration of Signs And Symptoms Of Scabies / Scabies?
Illustration: Signs And Symptoms Of Scabies / Scabies?

so a few months ago I experienced intense itching when night fell (on the most hands), until it was like a small bump swarming very much like an allergy bump, but it just passed away, until entering the umpteenth month, itching got worse and felt more specific . like a very itchy part of the palm of the hand, between the fingers, also in the whole part of the hands, feet, soles of the feet (rarely) stomach (rarely) and around the breasts (rarely), sometimes also randomly throughout the body, suddenly like a clench itchy here and there . when I look at my hand there is like a very small bump and the center of the bump is like a hole but there is only one like this, and this bump is the most itchy among others. I used to have a cat, and on my fingers it appeared like this, but only one fruit and its size was quite large, he was festering and very itchy, but he recovered on its own and did not spread the itch everywhere. Am I currently affected by scabies? sometimes also I feel like someone is walking on an itchy part

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Many diseases can be related to your complaint, including:

1. Scabies or scabies is a sarcoptes scabii mite infection on the skin. The skin that is often attacked is thin skin such as between fingers. This infection is characterized by a rash in the form of bumps that are arranged like tunnels, itching at night and this complaint is also felt by other family members of the household.

2. Atopic dermatitis, which is inflammation of the skin due to allergic reactions. Can be caused by cold air, MSM foods, eggs, shrimp and others.

3. Eruption due to intestinal worms. Namely the emergence of reddish spots rash almost the whole body due to substances produced by worms, circulating throughout the body through blood vessels so that it reaches the skin.

To find out the exact cause of your condition, you should immediately consult with your nearest doctor. The doctor will conduct a related examination and provide treatment according to the cause.

You are expected not to scratch the rash that feels itchy because it can aggravate the condition.

Thus, hopefully useful.

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