Signs Of A Sinusitis Surgery Are Needed?

Illustration of Signs Of A Sinusitis Surgery Are Needed?
Illustration: Signs Of A Sinusitis Surgery Are Needed?

Hello, I want to ask what is the sign that I need surgery on sinus? Previously I had experienced dizziness on the left side of the head, pain around my eyebrows and forehead that was felt during prostration when the prayer was not even strong enough to stand accompanied by fever, flu. after consultation I was diagnosed with sinusitis given a number of drugs and recovered, but lately I have experienced the same thing. I’m worried that it will happen again in the future. Do you need surgery? because it really bothers me when I work that I can’t look at the screen for too long

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Sinusitis is an inflammatory condition in the sinus cavity, which is the cavity that is in the head with the aim to lighten the head and assist in sound production. By certain triggers such as bacteria or viruses, these cavities can become infected and become sinusitis. Among the symptoms of sinusitis are headaches, fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, yellowish nasal mucus, pain in the face, and decreased sense of smell.

Regarding your question, there are several indications or signs that a sinus condition needs to be considered for surgery, including:

Chronic sinusitis
Sinuses that repeatedly recur
The condition of nasal polyposis in the nose
Nerve suppression
Sinus infection has spread
Fungal sinusitis
Abnormal nose structure

So in your case, if you really have recurrent sinuses in a year despite being treated properly, you might need surgery. But from your story, what we have caught is that you have only just been diagnosed with sinus and now feel the same symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed with sinus. If the condition is like this then it has not been categorized as surgery because it has only happened a maximum of 2x, past and present, and even then if it is now considered sinus, not other conditions such as nasal polyps, septal deviation or rhinitis.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you should check with your ENT doctor first so that this can be confirmed clearly through history, physical examination and support if necessary. The handling that you will receive later depends on the results of this inspection. You can advise your doctor about surgery, but what determines whether you need it or not is your doctor later. You cannot ask for surgery if your doctor considers it unnecessary. Because surgery is an action that is not without risk. It would be far safer for doctors if an illness can be treated without surgery rather than having to operate, especially if this is a big action. So the important thing is to check yourself first, and later it can be discussed together whether you will in the end be planned for surgery or not.

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