Signs Of An Imminent Labor?

Illustration of Signs Of An Imminent Labor?
Illustration: Signs Of An Imminent Labor?

I have opened 1 discharge of mucus mixed with blood but not yet ad mules, guess when will I give birth

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Hi Fitri,

Thank you for asking

Labor that is getting closer can be characterized by several symptoms, including the discharge of blood and / or amniotic fluid from the birth canal accompanied by cervical openings, as well as uterine contractions of stronger intensity, longer duration, and more frequent frequency.

Need to clarify first how old are your womb at this time? Is this your first pregnancy?

There are several conditions that can cause the opening of the uterus to not occur along with other signs of labor. Among them:

Inefficient labor contractions
Fetal factors, eg malpresentation, malposition, large fetus
Birth canal factors, eg narrow pelvis, tumors blocking the birth canal
Other factors, such as multiparity, pregnancy distance that is too close or too far, premature rupture of membranes, and so on

A direct evaluation by an obstetrician is needed to determine whether your condition is a sign of labor or not. Therefore, check yourself directly with an obstetrician. If necessary, the doctor may perform labor induction to help give birth to your complaint. Several methods of induction that can be done are the use of drugs or special tools in the cervix and infusion of contraction stimulants. This action is certainly decided by considering the condition of you and the fetus in your womb.

If your womb is currently 36 weeks or more, what you need to do now is:

Keep up with positive thoughts
Take a good breath, inhale through the nose for 2 seconds, then exhale through the mouth for 3 seconds, repeat over and over
Do an oxytocin massage, which is by asking for help from your partner or close relative massaging your spine area, especially around the lower back
Walk a lot, prostrate
Eat and drink enough to maintain stamina when it's time for your delivery later

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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