Signs Of Cholesterol

Illustration of Signs Of Cholesterol
Illustration: Signs Of Cholesterol

Hello doc, hello dok, I want the doc, my mother feels heavy on the back of the neck, then feels dizzy too doc, is that a sign of high cholesterol doc? Thank you

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Complaints felt by your mother can be caused by several things such as
1. Muscle pain
2. Gangs on the nerve will usually feel pain radiating
3. High blood pressure
4. High cholesterol
5. Previous injury history

So as to find out whether the main cause must be further examined by a doctor, especially a specialist in internal medicine, so that a physical examination and support is needed such as a laboratory or a photo.
Some things that should be done are
1. Maintain a good lifestyle
2. Avoid foods that are too salty and high in cholesterol
3. Avoid lifting weights too heavy
4. Prevent injury
5. Avoid sleeping or leaning on one hand

Further information can be read in the following article

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