Signs Of HIV Sufferers.?

Illustration of Signs Of HIV Sufferers.?
Illustration: Signs Of HIV Sufferers.?

hello doctor .. I have red spots on my thighs itching, and like herpes … is that a sign of syphilis or HIV?

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Hello danu,

Thank you for asking

Red rashes on the skin that feels itchy can indeed be caused by infection. Some examples of the most common infections that cause complaints like this are:

Bacterial infections, for example impetigo, folliculitis, miliaria, acne
Fungal infections, for example tinea pedis, tinea cruris, tinea versicolor
Viral infections, for example varicella
Mite infections, for example scabies, and so on

Shingles can also cause itchy red spots. However, more often the rash due to herpes will feel painful or hot, accompanied by watery nodules in it. Meanwhile, a rash due to syphilis and HIV, actually rarely feels itchy, although it is also not impossible.

In addition to infection, several other conditions, such as insect bite marks, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. can also cause itchy red rashes on the skin of the thighs, as you experience them.

To be sure, you should check with your doctor or a specialist in the nearest skin and genitals, yes. To determine the cause of your complaint, your doctor may also recommend that you undergo an allergy test, biopsy, or laboratory tests if needed.

At this time, what you need to do:

Does not scratch the rash, although it feels itchy
Sprinkle salicyl powder on the rash to help relieve the itching
Diligent and clean shower
Use clothes that are clean, dry, not tight, and made of soft material
Do not exchange clothing or other personal items with others
Do not carelessly give medication to the rash that appears without doctor's advice
Always do a healthy lifestyle

Hope this helps ...

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