Signs Of Incorrect Formula Feeding In Infants?

Illustration of Signs Of Incorrect Formula Feeding In Infants?
Illustration: Signs Of Incorrect Formula Feeding In Infants?

Good morning, my baby from the age of 0 months has been drinking lactogen milk, because my milk does not come out (a little). Initially the pup was yellow, but for several days the pup is green, even the color is dark green. Now my baby is 2 months over 10 days, and the usual intensity of his pup can be 2 times a day, since yesterday my baby pooped once every 2 days. Are those signs of incorrect selection? For my baby’s BB every month it rises … and the child is also active, fussy too if sleepy. So, what should I do?

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Baby puppies can be found in different shapes and colors, this can be related to what is consumed, the composition of the material consumed or maybe a health problem that is being experienced. Basically, pups who get breast milk or milk powder in the form of flabby pups, with a yellow to brownish yellow color, consistency of water is still balanced against the pulp that comes out. However, sometimes the color changes are found in infants with breast milk intake, which is sometimes greenish mixed with yellow / brown which indicates an imperfect digestive process so that it is consumed quickly through the gastrointestinal tract and discarded.

Similarly, in babies who get milk in their daily lives. There is a possibility that the process of breastfeeding through the digestive tract more quickly can cause your baby's poop to be green. In addition, the composition of the material contained in milk powder can also cause greenish pup color, such as iron content in milk powder. So doing dilution of milk powder or using milk powder with a smaller iron content is expected to help reduce this complaint. However, in general, this is still within reasonable limits for babies with milk consumption. Likewise with defecation once in 2 days, this is still within the limits of tolerance. However, efforts to restore bowel habits every day by regulating and controlling the content of zinc and iron are expected to help restore your baby's bowel habits.

Several other conditions can also cause the same complaint, such as:

1. baby's digestive disorders, such as diarrhea

2. consumption of drugs or vitamins

3. allergic

4. intolerance

Because your baby's complaints are still within reasonable limits, and there are no accompanying complaints, adjusting the iron and zinc content in the milk can be controlled, so that your baby's puppies are not dark green. However, if you are still worried and anxious, you should consult your pediatrician directly for the examination and evaluation of complaints that you encounter with your baby. The doctor will do a physical examination and make sure there are any medical problems experienced by your baby.

If you plan to use the same milk powder, you can adjust it to a smaller concentration. If you plan to replace the milk powder, then evaluate the possibility of the same complaint or the possibility of other complaints, and tell your pediatrician.

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