Signs Of Labor At 38 Weeks Of Gestation?

Illustration of Signs Of Labor At 38 Weeks Of Gestation?
Illustration: Signs Of Labor At 38 Weeks Of Gestation?

Good morning, r nPlease help, my beautiful 27 year old 38week pregnant, today my husband and I did ML around 21.05 mlm, after having ML at 9:55 p.m. my stomach was tight with pain, there was pressure downward until the pelvic area was very painful , this has disappeared, the pain has disappeared, the distance from the pain is gone and the pain is gone for about 5 minutes, the pain lasts for about 1 minute, until now at 1:46 am I still feel the pain that has disappeared and the fetus doesn’t move at all ,, only the stomach is tight when I want to more contractions .. Is this normal and safe for my fetus? And what do I feel is a false contraction ?? r nPlease help .. r nThank you.

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In pregnant women, pain is often felt after sexual intercourse. Generally, this is very natural for pregnant women to feel. Increased abdominal volume due to fetal weight gain and pressing on the lower abdominal area are the main factors that often cause pain after sexual intercourse. Having sex during pregnancy is not prohibited, but it needs to be more careful because it has risks that need to be avoided.

False contractions (Braxton Hicks) are contractions that often occur in the third trimester. These false contractions often cause pregnant women to feel panic because of the signs and complaints of cramps in the lower abdomen. Here are some signs from Braxton Hicks:

Frequency and pattern are erratic, irregular Contractions stop when changing positions Not accompanied by blood and amniotic mucus In contrast to the original contractions which have a regular rhythm, the longer the intensity of the pain increases, does not change even with changes in position and is often followed by mucus discharge blood or broken membranes. The original contractions are played by the hormone oxytocin which works in the uterus to encourage uterine contractions so that the fetus can come out.

Keep in mind that sexual intercourse can trigger uterine contractions, especially when gestational age enters the third trimester. In addition, male sperm contains prosraglandins which can also trigger uterine contractions. That is why sexual intercourse should be done carefully at a young gestational age, and many suggest that when the gestational age is approaching birth.

Given that your gestational age is approaching the time of delivery, it's a good idea to immediately check with your nearest doctor to find out whether signs of labor have occurred. I have submitted so much information, hope it helps

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