Signs Of Pregnancy After Menstruation Must Be Late?

Illustration of Signs Of Pregnancy After Menstruation Must Be Late?
Illustration: Signs Of Pregnancy After Menstruation Must Be Late?

I want to ask my hpht 28 april, then 5 days late I tested the results were positive the next day I tested the results were equally positive then I was late 10 days I was bleeding a little “directly to my midwife at the test again and still positive, then I the next ultrasound to the doctor spog and I was declared 6 weeks pregnant only mash in the form of a bag, then I was given an obstetric booster until now no more blood came out but why when I was late for 15 days I was tested so negative yes then I tried to use a different doctor but stated miscarriage because mash, so it doesn’t taste, which confused me because after the ultrasound on my obay it didn’t bleed anymore until now, even today I haven’t gotten my period yet? Please ask for the info? Thank you

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Hello Retno, Thank you for the question.

Testpack is one tool that can detect pregnancy from urine. Testpack detects the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone that forms in the body when a woman is pregnant. Although it can detect pregnancy, the results of the testpack must be confirmed again by an ultrasound examination by a doctor to detect the presence of a pregnancy bag or fetus in the uterus. The results of an ultrasound examination that can be trusted to ensure pregnancy.

Ultrasound examination is an examination that depends on the expertise of the operator (operator dependent). Therefore, the results of one doctor's examination are not necessarily the same as another doctor's examination. What you can do now is to consult the first obstetrician first or consult another obstetrician to ask for another opinion to determine whether you are still pregnant or not with an ultrasound examination. If the doctor does not find any sacs of pregnancy or fetus, then you really have a miscarriage.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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