Signs Of Pregnancy Are Definitely After Intercourse?

Illustration of Signs Of Pregnancy Are Definitely After Intercourse?
Illustration: Signs Of Pregnancy Are Definitely After Intercourse?

Good evening, I want to ask, I have time to have sex with my husband, for 1 minute can I get pregnant? Because even intimately I have not had time to install horses

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Basically the length of sexual intercourse will not determine whether it can cause pregnancy or not. What is more decisive for pregnancy is whether sexual intercourse is carried out during fertility or not, and whether sperm is released in the vagina (or right outside the mouth of the vagina) or not. Even if you only have sexual intercourse for 1 minute, if you have intercourse during your fertile period and your husband releases sperm in your vagina, then pregnancy can still occur.

However, it should be reviewed, whether the ejaculation occurs too fast (under one minute) and can not be held (before your husband wants ejaculation to occur), and whether it happens at any time and causes anxiety and stress on your husband (until can avoid sexual intercourse altogether). If so, then maybe your husband has premature ejaculation. If your husband experiences premature ejaculation, it is advisable to check with a urologist so that it can be further evaluated and managed.

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