Signs Of Pregnancy

Illustration of Signs Of Pregnancy
Illustration: Signs Of Pregnancy

Night doc? I want to ask, my first menstruation was March 16, 2020, my menstrual cycle was irregular, last month 28 days, I experienced symptoms of pregnancy signs doc, such as nausea in the morning, breast pain and swelling, my body temperature rose , feel dizzy, stomach cramps, then in the 25-day cycle, vaginal discharge then blood like menstruation but a little and immediately stopped ,, then the next day in the 26-day cycle. .Skrng my body temperature rose, stomach cramps, and often dizzy dock, Am I pregnant?

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Basically if you have done a test pack examination, you do it the right way (according to the instructions on the package), and both results are positive, then you are most likely indeed pregnant. Without the need to pay attention to the signs of pregnancy that you are experiencing, if the test pack results have shown positive results, then the possibility reaches 99% that you are indeed pregnant.

If you are still in doubt, you can do a test pack examination again when you are supposed to experience menstruation (on March 13). Check with urinating first in the morning, and make sure you carefully follow the rules for using the tool. If the results are positive, there is no doubt that you are indeed pregnant.

You are strongly advised to consume your pregnancy vitamins immediately. You can do an obstetrician's examination for ultrasound after your gestational age is over 6 weeks (counted from the first day of the last menstrual period), but it is still in your first trimester.

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