Signs Of Pulmonary TB In Children?

Illustration of Signs Of Pulmonary TB In Children?
Illustration: Signs Of Pulmonary TB In Children?

Good night … I want to ask my child who has been almost 2 years old, he often coughs until he vomits, he says he hurts his throat every time he coughs. He is often tired, lazy to eat, often sweats and my child often sleeps with his uncle who has pulmonary tuberculosis relapsed before I knew his grandmother have TB … do you think my child has been infected with these signs? What is the solution?

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Tuberculosis or tuberculosis is a disease caused by infection with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This infection is very easy to attack people with weak immune systems such as the elderly, infants, toddlers and children, people with HIV, or people in cancer treatment or taking other immune suppression drugs. Children usually can get TB from close contact with adults who have pulmonary TB.

The following are some of the symptoms of TB in children:

a cough especially one that has been going on for a long time (more than 3 weeks)
body weakness, less active, often drowsy
weight loss or weight not gaining
night sweats

TB in children does not always provide a characteristic clinical picture as in adults. Therefore, for the diagnosis of TB in children, a scoring system is needed. The following is a scoring system for the diagnosis of TB in children:


The above diagnosis can only be made by a doctor

Cough is included in the scoring if it has been excluded from other causes of chronic cough such as asthma, sinusitis, and others.

If lymph node TB or scrofuloderma is found, the child can be diagnosed with TB immediately

The child's weight is assessed on arrival

X-rays are not the main means of diangosis in TB in children

All children with rapid reaction to BCG (local reactions occurring <7 days after injection) should be evaluated using the pediatric TB scoring system.

Children are diagnosed with TB if the total score is ≥ 6

To be able to determine whether your child has tuberculosis or not, you should take your child to see a Pediatrician. His pediatrician will perform the necessary tests to complete the scoring system above to make a diagnosis of TB in children. If it meets the diagnostic criteria and your child is declared to have TB, then your child will need to receive treatment with anti-tuberculosis drugs (OAT). OAT is given within a minimum of 6 months and treatment must be carried out according to instructions from the child's doctor until complete. Not running the treatment properly can cause tuberculosis bacteria to damage the lungs even more severely and can even spread to other organs such as the brain, intestines, bones, etc.

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