Signs Of Severe Anemia?

Illustration of Signs Of Severe Anemia?
Illustration: Signs Of Severe Anemia? Bing

is anemia severe? what are the symptoms and how to prevent it?rnthank you

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Hi Felicyas,

Here I will explain about anemia first.

It is said that someone has anemia from the question and answer of complaints with the doctor, physical examination and supporting examinations such as laboratories. Anemia is a condition in the body where there is a shortage of blood cells, where the function of these blood cells is to carry oxygen to all organs of the body. Why do we need that oxygen? Because the "basic material" for the work of an organ is oxygen. So you can imagine if there is a lack of oxygen that enters the body's organs, of course the work of these organs cannot be maximized. So usually the patient will become tired quickly and the activities carried out are not optimal.

Anemia can occur in the short or long term, depending on the cause. There is also a level of severity that is mild to severe, so it must be treated immediately. The type of anemia also varies depending on the results of the doctor's examination.

At first the symptoms of anemia often go unnoticed by the sufferer. Here are some symptoms that appear such as:

- the body quickly feels weak & tired

- the skin becomes pale or yellowish

- short breath

- irregular heartbeat

- dizzy spinning

- headache

- chest pain

- hard to concentrate

- hands and feet feel cold and cramp

- mouth feels dry and cracked

There are several conditions that a person can experience anemia, such as:

- lack of vitamins and iron

- menstruation

- indigestion

- pregnant mother

- chronic disease

- family history of anemia

- age

- infections, such as malaria

- alcohol addiction

- side effects of certain drugs

- trauma in an accident

So if there are symptoms and conditions as above, I suggest you to immediately consult an internal medicine specialist so that he can immediately be treated with the right therapy.

How to prevent it that you can do at home, such as:

- meet the intake of iron and folic acid, such as from beef, beans, green vegetables and rice

- meet the intake of vitamin B12, such as from milk, cheese, tofu and tempeh

- meet the intake of vitamin C, such as from oranges, broccoli, melons and strawberries.

- fulfill the consumption of mineral water

- enough rest

- exercise routine

- avoid alcoholic drinks

Here's an explanation I can give. You can also read the article here. May be useful.

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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