Signs Of Symptoms Of Increased Cholesterol Levels?

Illustration of Signs Of Symptoms Of Increased Cholesterol Levels?
Illustration: Signs Of Symptoms Of Increased Cholesterol Levels?

morning doctor .., I want to ask, neck pain due to cholesterol is a myth or indeed symptoms that arise ?? because I’m from the age of 33 (now 38 years) had experienced aches in the shoulder, and after checking it turned out to be cholesterol. from then on I started to limit certain foods. now I quite routine gym, 3x a week. last week I missed training, and last night I ate clams around a portion, because I thought it would be okay .. it turns out that the neck was swollen, the shoulders immediately felt stiff and sore, during lying down it was difficult to move because of pain. so, please hint … thank you.

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Basically high cholesterol is a condition where the level of cholesterol in the blood has exceeded its normal level, so of course in the future it can threaten the health of the body. Most cholesterol is produced in the liver and some is obtained from food. Cholesterol is actually the main raw material in producing hormones, vitamin D and helps in producing healthy cells. However, even so high cholesterol levels can accumulate along the arteries as plaque / arteriosclerosis, which ultimately makes blood flow narrowing, and ultimately can inhibit blood flow.

High cholesterol can only be proven objectively or in terms of checking cholesterol levels. Without an examination, high cholesterol will not cause symptoms / complaints in the body. Unless the condition of high cholesterol is not immediately resolved and occurs in a long time, then this will cause symptoms such as heart disease, or stroke. Symptoms of coronary heart disease are usually indicated by complaints of chest pain / angina. Like the previous description, this happens because of cholesterol plaque / deposits in the blood vessels. In addition, if high cholesterol is not immediately resolved, the possibility for gallstone disease is very large, because high cholesterol causes bile difficulties to process it so that many crystals form and settle to form rocks and remain in the gallbladder or bile duct.

Pain in the nape of the neck is not the effect of high cholesterol, but there are other conditions that underlie the tension in the nape of the neck and surrounding muscles. Things that can cause pain in the neck include:

tension-type headache / TTH fibromyalgia hernias in the cervical spine / cervical spine arthritis / inflammation of the joints in the cervical spine and many others so that doctors can dig up important information and examinations on your body in order to establish a diagnosis of disease. If the diagnosis is correct, the treatment can be carried out optimally. Also related to your high cholesterol history, you also need to consult with your doctor directly so that you can re-check your current cholesterol levels.

To prevent your cholesterol levels from getting higher, you need to limit the consumption of foods that contain lots of cholesterol, especially cholesterol (junk food, ice cream, red meat steak, eggs, milk, offal, duck, chicken kiln, and butter), in addition that multiply the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit, change how to cook by consuming foods that are cooked by boiling or steaming, minimize cooking by frying, adequate liquid intake of at least 2L a day with water, exercise regularly for at least 5x a week, do a healthy lifestyle , lose weight if you are overweight.

To reduce the tension in the neck you can do ways such as relaxation either yoga or meditation, giving a gentle massage on the painful area can reduce muscle tension and pain will be reduced, the use of drugs that are sold freely on the market can also reduce complaints, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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