Signs That You Are About To Give Birth?

Illustration of Signs That You Are About To Give Birth?
Illustration: Signs That You Are About To Give Birth? Bing

, I want to ask. My sister is now pregnant with more than 9 months of pregnancy. As far as she remembers her last menstrual period was on 5 2017. The obstetrician’s HPL was 05 March 2018, the midwife’s HPL was 15 March 2018. On the 12th March her stomach hurt, then the midwife did an examination and she said it was opening 1, on the 14th March at 02.00 (morning) mucus came out accompanied by blood, but no contractions until today or March 15th now.rnPlease solve

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A person's normal gestational age for normal delivery is between 38-42 weeks and the average is 38-40 weeks, although this condition is not the same for every woman. The first day of the last menstrual period can help to calculate the estimated time of delivery using the Naegele formula (date + 7, Month - 3, Year + 1) but it can be said to be accurate if a person has a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days. If a woman's menstrual cycle is irregular or longer than 28 days, this formula should not be used.

Signs to watch for if labor is imminent, such as:

Lower abdominal pain Contractions that are getting more frequent and regular A discharge of mucus mixed with blood Leaking of the amniotic fluid Seeing the condition you are experiencing, there are already several signs that labor will occur even though you have not felt the contractions. You should immediately consult your midwife or obstetrician for a direct examination. If the contractions have not yet appeared, but the gestational age and signs of labor are already there, the doctor may take several actions to help the labor process, one of which is induction. However, if the condition of the fetus is not good, the doctor may be able to take surgery steps. But all these treatments can be determined after the doctor conducts an in-person examination.

Smooth delivery

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