Similarities And Differences Between ARI And Corona

Illustration of Similarities And Differences Between ARI And Corona
Illustration: Similarities And Differences Between ARI And Corona

Good evening doc, I want to ask the difference and similarities of ARI and corona virus

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Hi Fanisah,

Ispa or acute respiratory infection is a disease that can occur in the respiratory tract due to bacterial, viral or fungal infections. The symptoms caused by these conditions depend on the part of the respiratory tract affected. The following are some of the common symptoms of respiratory infections:

Out of breath
Colds, sneezing or nasal congestion
Muscle ache

Whereas corona virus infection (COVID-19) can cause the following symptoms:

High fever
Flu-like symptoms, coughing
Chest pain and shortness of breath in severe infections

The initial stage of COVID-19 infection can resemble ispa or flu so that people who experience these symptoms are strongly advised to do social distancing or independent quarantine at home. However, if complaints continue to get heavy with time, you / your relatives have a risk of exposure to the virus or there is chest pain and shortness of breath, so you / your relatives should immediately consult a doctor or related health institution in order to get further treatment.

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