Singapore Flu Recovery Period?

Illustration of Singapore Flu Recovery Period?
Illustration: Singapore Flu Recovery Period? Bing

Hi, I am 17 years old. My sister is having Singapore flu and I haven’t had direct contact with her for 3 days. I have taken immune vitamins such as; Imboost, bee propolis, and clover honey 2x a day. but I’m very afraid of getting infected. My question is, when will the virus that is in his body disappear and can interact directly in a non-infectious manner? And can the scars/rashes on the hands, feet and face go away and how long does it take? thanks

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Hi Aquila,

Singapore flu or commonly called hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a disease caused by a viral infection, namely the enterovirus virus. Here are the symptoms of this disease:

Discomfort or pain in the throat or mouth
Painful canker sores appear on the mucous membranes of the cheeks, gums or tongue
A red rash that may be accompanied by blisters on the hands, feet or buttocks
Stomach pain
Nausea or vomiting

Although the complaints caused can be very disturbing, Singapore flu actually does not require any particular treatment and can heal by itself after 7-10 days.

However, this condition can indeed be very contagious, especially in the first 7 days. The Singapore flu virus can stay in the body for a few days to a few weeks and can infect other people through splashes of saliva or feces. Here are some things you can do to prevent this condition:

Avoid contact with people who have the Singapore flu
Clean the area suspected of being contaminated with the virus
Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food, before eating or after defecating
Avoid sharing the use of eating utensils that other people use

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