Singapore Flu?

Illustration of Singapore Flu?
Illustration: Singapore Flu?

hello, my child is 13 months old, already 2 days appear “red spots” on the knee, calves, soles of the feet, and this afternoon there was sprue on the tongue, and this evening had a fever, is this a symptom of the Singaporean flu? but I read the article HealthReplies .com on Google the order in which the symptoms appear is different, etc. It says if you have the Singapore flu, it starts with a fever and then the red spots and sprays … how to overcome them, thank you …

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Hello. Good night. Thank you for asking

Regarding the complaint, it should be noted and conveyed since when the complaint was felt, what was the form of the rash, whether it was dense or in the form of spots containing water, were there other symptoms such as fever or itching or red eyes or coughing or runny nose, whether as a child had a complete vaccine injection history , is there a history of previous allergies, is there a history of other diseases. For some possible diagnoses are

- Singapore flu
- Roseola
- Measles
- chicken pox or chicken pox

Singapore flu (hand foot and mouth disease) is an infection caused by a virus. Generally begins with the appearance of fever. After that, about one or two days, canker sores or sores appear around the gums, tongue, and inner cheeks. This condition can make Singaporean flu sufferers in pain when drinking, eating, or swallowing. One to two days after, a rash appears on the palms and legs, and sometimes on the buttocks.

Roseola is an inflammatory condition that usually occurs in children <1 year. Initially a fever on days 2 or 3 later, when the fever goes down, a rash will appear on the skin, usually starting from the extremities or the body and then towards the body. Usually the rash arises from areas of the body or extremities towards the face. Usually the rash will appear as papules and vesicles.

Measles is the appearance of a red rash throughout the body resulting from a viral infection. Experiencing symptoms such as cough, runny nose, and fever. Then often appear whitish spots in the mouth, followed by the emergence of redness behind the ears and face. Over time, the rash can spread to almost all parts of the body.

Chickenpox or varicella is a disease caused by the varicella zoster virus which is characterized by symptoms of rashes and blisters on the skin (generally on the face, behind the ears, scalp, stomach, chest, arms, legs). While chickenpox or snake pox (also known as shingles) is caused by Varicella zostas a virus that also causes chickenpox. Rashes that arise due to this condition can be accompanied by fever, chills, headaches, and pain throughout the body.

If you experience something inconvenient, some things can be done to be more comfortable, such as

- Nutrition and enough water to trigger the improvement of the immune system
- Avoid exposure to irritating substances
- Change clothes or cloths that are wet when attached to the body
- Nutrition and enough water to trigger the improvement of the immune system
- If itching do not scratch the wound to avoid being accompanied by infection and can be helped by giving menthol powder to reduce itching
- If the fever can be given antidemam in the form of paracetamol syrup

It is better to do further examination with a pediatrician to check the condition of the skin, review the patient's medical history and, further tests that will be recommended to ensure a condition that is suspected to be the cause of a skin rash. Treatment given the illness, both oral medication or topical.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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