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Illustration of Single Garlic
Illustration: Single Garlic

Is it true that the garlic dock can overcome premature ejaculation?

Originally posted 2020-04-14 08:36:06.

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Hi Sidiq.

Thank you for the question.

A man is said to experience premature ejaculation if he experiences ejaculation in less than 1 minute after sexual penetration. According to many experts, this condition is mainly related to psychological disorders, for example when under stress, lack of confidence, excessive anxiety, loss of objects / loved ones, and so on. In addition, this ejaculation can also occur related to unhealthy lifestyles, side effects of treatment, aging, and even an illness, such as hormonal disorders, nerve disorders, metabolic disorders, heart problems, and so on.

Because of the various possible causes, premature ejaculation can also require different treatments. Frequently, ejaculation only occurs temporarily, and will improve by itself over time, except when it is associated with an illness.

Garlic (including lanang garlic) contains full nutritional value, so it is good for increasing stamina, increasing endurance, healthy heart and blood vessels, maintaining hormonal balance, relieving inflammation, and many other potential benefits. With these benefits, garlic can help overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. It's just that, until now there is still very little research available on how much effectiveness this garlic has in dealing with premature ejaculation and what its potential side effects are. Therefore, we do not recommend you use it as a single therapy in the management of premature ejaculation. If you want to consume it, it's OK. However, in order to cure your condition more optimally, you should also do:

Discipline exercise, especially by diligently doing Kegel exercises to tighten the muscles around the pelvis and genitals
Relax often, so that the body is not tense, stressed, or overly anxious
When overwhelmed with problems, be patient and focus on finding solutions, don't over-lamenting
Build good communication with a partner, choose the most comfortable sexual relationship techniques to prevent premature ejaculation (for example by avoiding sexual positions man on top)
Live a healthy lifestyle, eat foods rich in antioxidants, don't stay up late, drink lots of water, stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, don't carelessly take medicine or booster herbs
During sexual intercourse, if your penis is sensitive, you can use a condom. If you feel like ejaculating, hold your breath, divert your attention to something else so that ejaculation can be delayed

If the above efforts have been made by you to the maximum, but have not felt a meaningful improvement, do not hesitate to go directly to the doctor or doctor andrology in order to find the best solution huh ..

I hope this helps.

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