Sinusitis & Tingling Of The Right Hand.?

Illustration of Sinusitis & Tingling Of The Right Hand.?
Illustration: Sinusitis & Tingling Of The Right Hand.?

Good morning, nSince I was 8 years old I had sinusitis and polyps, then in 2012 I did sinus surgery. But until now I still often experience recurring nosebleeds, headaches, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, my right hand often hurts u0026amp; tingling sensation What I want to ask: n1. Has my sinusitis not gone away? N2. Is the irritation in my right hand the effect of sinusitis? N3. How is the treatment that must be undertaken? . Thanks.

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Hello Qinara,

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that can cause several complaints in the form of headaches, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, nosebleeds, facial pain, loss of smell, smelly breath / halitosis, fever. There are several risk factors for sinusitis, namely smoking, rhinitis, polyps, septal deviation, and nasal irritation.

Sinusitis surgery is one of the treatments for sinusitis, but this does not guarantee 100% sinusitis will not recur. If the risk factors are not eliminated, sinusitis may recur in the future.

The complaints you experience can be caused by recurrent sinusitis, but can also be caused by other things such as a history of head-neck injury, a deviated septal / septal deviation, rhinitis, nasal polyps, and tumors and malignancies in the nasal cavity. To ascertain the cause, it requires direct examination by a doctor.

Therefore I suggest that you check with an ENT doctor so that you can do a direct examination to determine the cause of your complaint. Examinations that can be done, for example, by interview, physical examination, and if necessary supporting examinations such as X-rays and CT scans to confirm the cause. After the cause is known, the doctor can provide more optimal treatment for you.

As for the pain and tingling hands, these conditions are probably not related to a history of sinusitis. Tingling and painful hands can be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, vitamin B deficiency, pinched nerves, arthritis, diabetes. To ensure the cause, you should also check with your doctor directly first. Handling will be adjusted according to your condition.

For the time being you can try to do the following tips:

Do not blow your nose too hard If you have a nosebleed, squeeze your nose and apply a cold compress to the bridge of your nose for a few minutes, breathe through your mouth, don't look up your head and don't lie down. Get enough rest. Exercise regularly, make sure to warm up before exercise Manage stress well Take pain relievers if necessary Cold or warm compresses on sore hands The following articles relate to the topic of your question:

Tingling hands

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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