Sitting Down?

Illustration of Sitting Down?
Illustration: Sitting Down?

I just sat down because of the rain and slippery I fell in a sitting situation, can I be ordered directly?

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When falling in a sitting position, the coccyx can experience bruising, shifting, cracking and even breaking, so that it can cause pain. Besides pain, pain can also spread to the thighs and legs, pain when looking down, pain when lifting heavy objects, pain when urinating or defecating.

When falling and complaints of pain and swelling arise, it is recommended not to massage or massage the painful and swollen parts. This can cause increased pain and swelling due to an inflammatory reaction. So if you fall and feel pain and swelling, things can be done is to compress the painful part with ice water for 15-20 minutes 2 times a day, avoid massaging or sorting the affected part, avoid sitting on hard surfaces, use a pillow or material soft to reduce pressure and pain.

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