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,rnAbout 3 weeks ago, I was hit by a cold and was taken to the ER. At that time, X-ray examinations, as well as labs, and heart monitors were carried out, and the results according to the doctor, the heart and lungs were in good and normal condition, there was also no high blood pressure. But from the lab results, the leukocytes are quite high, there is an infection in the digestive tract. And given antibiotics, as well as medicine for the stomach.rnThe question is:rnWhat medicine can be used, if the angina attacks occur?rnAt this time sometimes you still feel a bit heavy when breathing, what should you do? I do?rnrnThanksrnRiza A

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Hi Riza,

Wind sitting is a lay language for angina which is a symptom of chest pain because the heart does not get a blood supply.

According to your story that when examined in the ER there was no indication of problems with the heart and lungs, only infections in the digestive tract. Then we can get rid of the sitting wind. Therapies and medications for angina and gastrointestinal infections are very different.

Please note that digestive complaints are an indication of:

- gastritis


- peptic ulcer

Some of the diseases above have almost the same complaints, such as:

- Abdominal pain sometimes radiates to the chest so that it can be accompanied by complaints of heart disease

- nauseous vomit

- heavy when breathing

- trouble urinating

- bloated

- pale

- excessive sweating

At this time I am not informed about what drugs you get from the ER, but I suggest you to consult again with your doctor regarding your current complaint, if it is necessary the doctor will perform other supporting examinations such as endoscopy, so that you get therapy right.

Meanwhile you can also do the following:

- apply a regular eating pattern, both portion and time

- manage stress

- try to eat foods that are easy to digest first now

- get enough rest

- drink more mineral water

- Avoid soft drinks, caffeine and alcohol

- avoid smoking

That's my explanation. Hopefully useful and a speedy recovery. Thank you

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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