Skin And Internal Medicine.

Illustration of Skin And Internal Medicine.
Illustration: Skin And Internal Medicine.

Hello Doc, since more or less 3 years on my body grew small lumps smaller than green beans which initially only neck and genitals now spread to the chest, armpits, and back, the lumps are like flesh so, there are also black spots when pushed out white like cream. What disease do you think of, doc? And I’m always surprised when I hear the sound.

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Hello Fikih, thank you for being empowered at HealthReplies. Lumps that occur in the body can be caused by various conditions including: Atheroma cysts, usually in areas that are often sweaty and accompanied by black spots in the middle which when pressed will come out yellow or greenish liquid and smell. Lipoma, fatty tissue deposits Abscesses / boils Dermoid cysts Warts Allergy Irritations such as insect bites To find out this needs to be done a physical examination directly on the skin as well as several other checks are needed. That way the handling will be more precise and directed. For now, some things you can do are: Keep your skin clean. Don't scratch the bump if it feels itchy. Avoid squeezing the bump or stabbing, especially if you haven't washed your hands before. Consume healthy and nutritious food. If complaints persist and the lumps become more widespread, consult a dermatologist for further treatment. Regarding complaints often feel surprised when hearing the sound of course it is natural to happen if the sound heard is loud enough and happens suddenly. Sekia, hope it helps.

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