Skin And Nails Turn Blackish Yellow Color?

Illustration of Skin And Nails Turn Blackish Yellow Color?
Illustration: Skin And Nails Turn Blackish Yellow Color?

Hello ,, I am a 31 year old man. R nI want to ask the skin of my index finger and nails “my left is blackish skin, I have tried to scrape it off and clean it but always turn it blackish yellow, until my middle finger is also involved ltular jd yellow (although only partially). thanks for the response

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Hi Steven,

Thank you for asking

Blackish color of skin and fingernails can be a normal condition due to genetic variations that cause the deposition of melanin pigments (skin pigments) that collect in several parts of the body. This condition is actually more often found in black people. However, it does not rule out people with lighter skin color, including those in Asia. In the medical realm, this condition is known as melanonychia.

It could also be that a blackish color around the skin and nails of your fingers could indicate skin irritation, lack of oxygen intake, or other reasons. Here are some other possible triggers for your complaint:

Infection of the skin or fingernails, often fungi, but can also be bacterial or viral
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Inflammation of the skin due to other causes, eg contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, allergies

Lack of nutrition, for example lack of folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc
Injury to the fingers and fingernails, causing blood clots under the skin (hematoma)
Lack of oxygen intake, for example due to anemia, blood cancer, Buerger's disease

Autoimmune disorders, for example due to psoriasis, lupus
Melanoma (malignant skin cancer), and so on

Apart from the blackish and yellowish color, are there any other complaints you feel, such as pain, itching, numbness, peeling, swelling, and so on? Do you have a previous history of any diseases?

It is better if the diagnosis of the cause of your complaint is known, you should go to a doctor or dermatologist directly with direct inspection, or supported by further examinations, such as laboratory tests, finger tissue biopsy, allergy tests, and so on, usually a doctor. was able to determine the best treatment. Meanwhile, at home you can first do the following treatments:

Be diligent in cleaning your hands, including after eating, running out of the bathroom, and after activities that cause dirty hands
Make sure your hands do not come into contact with substances that might trigger allergies or irritation
Do not provide careless handling of fingers and nails other than a doctor's prescription
Eat a nutritionally balanced diet
Not smoking, not consuming alcohol
Do not overuse finger and nail skin care products

Hope it helps ..

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