Skin Disease?

Illustration of Skin Disease?
Illustration: Skin Disease?

, if the middle of the chest grows a kind of pimple-like lump that is rather large in size, brownish in color. Plus it grows again like a small lump, what disease is it. And how to handle it.

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From the information you have conveyed, the presence of a small lump in the chest in male individuals, possibly caused by inflammation of the hair roots. In men, inflammation of the hair follicles is common, and can occur in areas with either thick or thin hair. This condition can be caused by the closure of the pores from the output of the sweat glands, thus triggering inflammation to infection. The presence of moisture, dead skin cells, and lack of personal hygiene in the area, can trigger complaints like what you experience.

In addition, other possible conditions such as acne, abscess, allergies, or insect bites can give a similar picture.

Therefore, if within 3 days this complaint has not improved, by maintaining the cleanliness of the area concerned or this complaint is increasing, then you can consult directly with your family doctor or your skin specialist. The doctor will conduct a direct examination and provide treatment according to the results of the examination obtained.

That's the info we can convey, read also folliculitis.


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