Skin Disease?

Illustration of Skin Disease?
Illustration: Skin Disease?

Good night. I want to ask before I just sleep healthy. But when I fell asleep, my back suddenly felt hot, swollen and itchy. It’s like being hit by a caterpillar but I’m not hit by a caterpillar. Even though every day before bathing I always take a shower before sleeping. What are the symptoms of allergies huh? Is it possible to get allergies? I took antibiotics for a toothache. This is the first time the drink is getting symptoms. What should I get while I drink?

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A hot, swollen, and itchy back, often indicating inflammation of the surrounding skin. There is a lot of inflammation in the skin, can be due to infection (for example shingles, folliculitis, acne, erysipelas, fungi), irritant contact dermatitis, insect bites or other animals, allergic contact dermatitis, burns, and so on. Not only that, inflammation of the skin due to various conditions can also make the skin look reddish, bruntusan, dry, peeling, runny, or festering. In some cases, if the inflammation is not treated properly, the complaint can spread to other areas of the body and is more difficult to handle.

Consumption of several types of toothache medication in some sensitive people can also cause allergic reactions. Frequently, this allergic reaction will make you feel itchy skin, streaks, swelling, or other more severe complaints can also appear, such as shortness of breath, vomiting, palpitations, to shock (shock). Although it is rare, drug allergies can also trigger complaints like you experience on your back at this time. Some drugs can also cause eruptions on the skin whose symptoms are similar to your current complaints. However, before drawing conclusions, it needs to be clarified first, what exactly toothache medicine did you consume before?

Better, you consult yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist huh .. Direct inspection is generally enough for the doctor to be able to establish a diagnosis of your complaints. If deemed necessary, doctors can also recommend further tests, such as allergy tests, blood tests, examination of skin tissue samples, and so on.

As a first step:

Always maintain personal hygiene, take a clean and regular shower, then wear clean, non-tight clothing, change your clothes regularly
Do not rub, scratch, or force the complaints that appear on your back
When you sleep, make sure your bed is clean, reduce sleep on the side of the back that is experiencing complaints, it is safer when you sleep sideways
Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and nutritious food
Do not exchange clothes, towels and other personal items with others
To reduce itching, you can first sprinkle salicyl powder on the itchy skin
Do not carelessly take drugs, including antibiotics, without a prescription directly from a doctor

Hope this helps ...

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