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I’m 24 years old. From the first the skin around the buttocks is rough, there are small bumps that are small and dark. Even though her skin is bright. It’s been like that since middle school. I have been given daily lotion and olive oil but there is no change. How to smooth the skin like that? Thanks.

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Hello Yinyin.

Thanks for the question. Skin that feels rough due to the presence of small spots can be caused by the following conditions:

contact dermatitis, namely inflammation of the skin due to contact with certain things prickly heat keratosis pilaris folliculitis dry skin / xerosis Further examination by a doctor is needed to determine the cause of your complaint because the treatment for each complaint is not the same. The doctor needs to ask your complaint and examine the skin disorder you are referring to. After determining the cause, the doctor will determine the next treatment.

Also do the following suggestions:

keep the skin clean by bathing regularly use a bath soap that is gentle and does not irritate the skin avoid the use of materials or products that can trigger irritation and allergies avoid wearing tight pants use cotton underwear that easily absorbs sweat replace and wash clothes regularly Hopefully this information help.

Dr. Aloisia

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