Skin Growth In The Ear Canal?

Illustration of Skin Growth In The Ear Canal?
Illustration: Skin Growth In The Ear Canal? Bing

at night, 2 weeks ago I suffered from cholesteatom and the doctor said that the cholesteatom eats the ear canal so that it becomes bigger than its original size so that it causes easy infection, can this cavity or ear canal return to normal without surgery?rnr nThank you

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Hi Budi,

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Cholesteatoma is an abnormal skin growth in the middle ear canal just behind the eardrum. Cholesteatoma consists of dead skin cells which then accumulate and enlarge. Although benign, cholesteatoma growth can destroy the cells that make up the eardrum and also inhibit the movement of the ossicles attached to it. This can further cause hearing loss, ear fullness, pain, and an unpleasant-smelling discharge.

Perhaps the doctor meant "eardrum," not "ear canal." In the early stages, the destruction of the eardrum caused by a cholesteatoma may be small or even microscopic. However, if not handled properly, the tear that appears can get wider and further reduce hearing. In addition, a torn eardrum can also facilitate the entry of harmful foreign microorganisms that can cause infections not only in the outer ear, but also into the middle ear, to the throat.

Unfortunately, in contrast to infants and children, large adult eardrum tears are less likely to rejoin spontaneously without surgery (tympanoplasty). Therefore, you should consult directly with your ENT specialist regarding the best treatment. As long as it is carried out by professional medical personnel with the right medical indications, this operation is relatively safe and rarely leaves dangerous complications. Therefore, there is no need to worry...

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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