Skin Peeling And Red Post Chemical Peeling?

Illustration of Skin Peeling And Red Post Chemical Peeling?
Illustration: Skin Peeling And Red Post Chemical Peeling?

Alodokter, will the post-chemical peeling of facial skin color be flat again? Because there is peeling skin that becomes red

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Hello Herniyuliani,

When did you do chemical peels? Chemical peeling is one of the facial treatment procedures that can be done to brighten the skin, smooth the skin, reduce wrinkles, treat spots and acne scars, and treat acne. Chemical peeling is done by applying an acidic liquid to the skin and the skin will become reddish, dark, and dry for the next few days (depending on the dosage and type of acid) then slowly the skin will start to peel so that new skin appears smoother and brighter.

When the skin starts to peel, you must let the exfoliation process go on by itself. You should not peel off flaky skin because it risks the skin turning red (the healing process is not complete) or even hyperpigmentation / dark marks on the skin.

Skin that turns red after peeling apart from being forced to break before being healed can also be caused by excessive sun exposure after chemical peeling. That is why people who undergo chemical peels should always use sunscreen in the morning and avoid sunlight as much as possible.

Generally reddish skin will get better in a few days. You can use the cream given by your doctor. Usually doctors prescribe moisturizers, sunscreens, and anti-irritation creams if necessary after chemical peels. Use the cream given by the doctor according to your doctor's recommendations. Never peel the skin or rub the skin and let the skin peel off by itself.

If within 2 weeks after chemical peeling skin still looks uneven, you should control back to the doctor or can consult with a dermatologist so that you can see the condition of your skin and you can be given further treatment if needed.

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