Skin Sores

Illustration of Skin Sores
Illustration: Skin Sores

Good evening doctor. I want to ask all of a sudden, my face, neck and hands are injured, swollen, reddish, sore and itchy, what is the cause? Is it an infection or an allergy? After compressing ice water and applying honey, it’s a little better. If just trying to eat a little shrimp what is the cause? Thank you, doctor.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Your condition can occur due to various things, such as infection, the impact of insect bites, liver disorders, kidney disorders, the impact of using cosmetics and various other possibilities depending on the results of the examination. But if the condition occurs suddenly, and this is due to something you have just eaten, then this is most likely caused by an allergy.

Allergy is a condition when our body overreacts to an allergen. Excessive reactions can be the way you feel, even worse to make you unconscious if the reaction is really strong. While so-called allergens can be various kinds, can be various kinds of drugs, various kinds of cosmetics, animal hair, pollen, and a variety of foods including shrimp. So it is very possible that you experience it due to consumption of shrimp.

Our advice, avoid consuming shrimp first, and may continue to compress ice water and apply honey. If the condition worsens, do not hesitate to check with the emergency room at the nearest hospital and if it does not improve, consult a dermatologist. So, hopefully answering your question.

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