Illustration of Skin
Illustration: Skin

Doc, I want to ask if you may before using the body hand, smear it first with baby oil.

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Hello Vaa,

Thank you for the question.

Hand and body lotion is a moisturizing lotion that is used to prevent dry skin. In this lotion, fragrances and other substances that nourish the skin are often added to make them look brighter, firmer, and avoid a variety of skin problems. The right hand and body lotion is the one that suits your skin type, and is consulted first with a doctor or dermatologist.

No real problem using baby oil first before using hand and body lotion. Baby oil is generally made from very mild ingredients, and drinking its potential triggers allergies or irritations, so it's safe to use it in conjunction with other skin care products. However, it could be that the use of these two products together actually makes the skin too moist. The impact, you can more easily breakouts, experience prickly heat, as well as several other skin problems. Therefore, you should be more careful in using skin care products.

I hope this helps.

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